Our Vision

Lean Procurement Solutions

Our Mission

We are committed to lean and efficient delivery of all items using smart technologies via a single platform – free of industries, segments, suppliers and items with a transparent process.

Our Values

Passion to work together with our customers and cooperation partners to make existing processes more efficient
To actively promote cooperation in order to achieve maximum benefit for our customers and suppliers
Focus on lean, value-adding processes
Courage to go new ways together with our employees and to use innovations for our customers and partners

Our Systems and Our Approach

The right article, at the right price, in the optimal quality from your supplier should be available for you at the right time in the right place. For 20 years now, we have fulfilled this demand on your material supply. Your procurement process is 100% transparent, from the triggering of demand to goods receipt and invoice control. We manage your requirements leanly and simply. Without unnecessary storage, transport, handling and handling costs in the background. Non-value-adding processes are minimized – requirements are recorded where they actually arise, i.e. at the point of consumption.

We support your direct contact with your suppliers. You, with the know-how about your articles, consumptions and suppliers – the supplier with the product know-how, the quality assurance, as well as the inventory assurance.

All recurring parts are procured via el/ka/sy® and made available at the point of consumption. Classically as 2 container Kanban, but also single container Kanban, or simply only recurring requirements. Directly from the warehouses of the system suppliers. By means of modern RFID technology and in the sense of Internet of Things, the status of your goods at el/ka/sy® can be viewed at any time or delivery delays are automatically detected and communicated by the system to the relevant departments.

If you have not only recurring, but also sporadic requirements and non-production parts, then you can order these requirements simply and digitally via your individual purchasing platform with el/proc/sy®. With rights allocation, parts list retrieval and your individual prices and suppliers.

Whether recurring requirements, classic Kanban, or sporadic requirements, everything is handled via one platform and one interface.

With el/ka/sy® and el/proc/sy® you have two procurement methods via one platform, one interface and one contact person.

History of the P.S. Cooperation

Foundation of the P.S. Cooperation based in Bielefeld by Hartmut Ottliczky
First RFID procurement system successfully launched
First el/ka/sy® brand systems successfully launched
Relocation of Headquarters to Halle
Web portal el/ka/sy® online
Extension of the system landscape by the brand el/proc/sy®
Management takeover by Josef M. Gutsmiedl
New customer portal goes online